So, the boys asked if they could stay up last night to watch one of the squeaky Chipmunk movies....alright, sounds good. Dad goes to bed, as he ran errands for the family all day and was beat. Then younger boy announces that he can't sleep without one, pleeeeeeese one iCarly episode, as he feels much better and not so frightened of "going to sleep" if he can fall asleep to that. Okay, but I'm tired now too, so I'll just lay on the couch until you're done, special movie night and all, and then tuck you in as usual. 

Dante comes along and says "Hey, the floor is wet". I'm awake. 

This happened once before, once, and I didn't like it then. For some strange reason, which this luxury apartment complex claimed to have fixed, the toilet decides it will run, and run, and run.......last time I caught it at the small hallway. Last night? It was literally 4 inches deep in the bathroom, the bathroom closet was 4 inches deep, the hallway, the living room, one bedroom, the dining room, ALL 4 inches deep in water. 

I'm stunned to say the least, as every step literally makes waves roll across the carpeting. I roll up my pants, and have visions of Mickey Mouse and the Scorcers Apprentice while turning off the main water valve to the toilet. 

Just how bad is the water? Oh phooey, it's going to be hours of sopping this, I get a towel and start soaking and squeezing into the bathtub. I begin to wonder if we have concrete floors or will the neighbors be knocking at this now very late hour? Aramis can't take it, somehow in his easy to trigger delusional state, assumes HE is to one is honey, it's the toilet. Oh shoot, can't convince him differently, and I can only tackle one monster at a time. Watch more iCarly, stay put and I'll get this. 

And there's the knock at the door......great, the neighbors are getting wet now too. Nope, it's another set of neighbors to tell me that my little service dog is outside trying to get back in. When did he get out? How? Huh? Okay....get in here buddy, and thank goodness you don't go far from me. I thank the neighbors profusely, and return to squishing the towel into the bathtub. 

Now: how to get the water BACK to the bathroom that is now spreading across the carpet into the entire apartment? Hmmm, I have a swiffer, I'll use that.....and I begin to push the water back to the bathroom, where I now have 4 inches to pick up again. 

The dog goes and sits on husband, wet paws and all.....and now he's awake wondering what's going on? Oh boy.......well, at least I have help now. We both keep pushing the water back into the bathroom, and picking up the towel that gets heavier with every soak. Wonder what the closet looks like? Oh phoooey again, it's up the walls, and has soaked into all our storage. So, we start pulling stuff out, and swiffering that room, another 4 inches roll into the bathroom again. 

By some outrageous time in the early morning we've got  most of the water back down the drain. I call the emergency management and they ask: "How many toilets do you have? Two? Okay, we'll get a message out".....and hang up. Huh? Squish, squish, squish.....the day starts. 

Finally someone shows up and sucks up what's left of the water, which is still a lot, and says that they will have to rip out the carpeting, bring in a dehumidifier, and push all the furniture to the last few feet of dry carpeting in the place.

Okay, we don't handle a house like this very well. I like a tidy home, a serene home, one that smells good, and is relaxing. I don't have that, and this isn't funny in my book. Glad the boys consider it an adventure, but my sanctuary has just been ripped up......literally, as he's cutting and pulling carpet in order to remove the padding underneath. I think I'll go out to my balcony, hide all day and work on my book. 

The walls are growing mold already......welcome to TX. 

So......that's how my day started. The management has determined that our toilet is broken. Really? Where'd you get that idea? At least it's clean water....just a lot of clean water. Husband says I should have woke him up.....I would have, when I got to the point of swiffering the water out of the bedroom. Really, it just seemed like it needed to be addressed NOW, and I still (and I'm 40!!!!) haven't got the message to all of my insiders that you can actually ask for help from someone else. It seems simple, but it's just not in there. I wasn't taught it growing up, and that's too many years to undo the training that you can't count on anyone to help, you just have to do it yourself. 

My balcony seems very peaceful right now. And hey......I was ready to return to writing anyway. 

And to think: I just bought carpet fresh to make the place smell so nice and homey. Guess THAT will have to wait......I do find it amazing that coming from such a chaotic home environment growing up, that my adult home life is constantly redirected towards a serenity. I never realized the importance of this for me/us until this event. The boys, Dad included are actually having fun with this adventure. 

Me? I'm shook, and I don't like it. The couch goes here! The carpet does not get ripped to shreds.....and is kept clean! The bedrooms do not get filled with wet objects to dry out. This is not a home! This is like the house I grew up in, dirty, nasty and just plain uncomfortable. 

Well, it will pass.....and time for me to recall that it is the year 2012, my dog is safe (how the heck did he get out?), and someone else is willing to help. All lessons I can take on today......albeit from my balcony. 

May everyone have a peaceful, uneventful day.......just check the toilet every once in a while. 

Which reminds me, darn.....there's no toilet on the balcony. 
Guess I will have to go inside at some near point in time :(


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