It's hot. Period. Okay, the coldest person ever in the existence of humanity is actually HOT. Someone emailed me and asked if TX even has a winter? I don't was cold when I got here in January, and they did have teeeeny tiny snowflakes, but extra large hail stones. So, from what I know of's HOT and humid, and if you hear a siren, that means it's a tornado warning.

We're hoping the pool will be open's usually closed on Mondays. I know one little boy who is going to be in melt-down central if he finds out it's closed "formaintenance".

Right now, I have a little dog who has been eaten alive by......get this: mosquitoes. They got his belly, poor thing, and he doesn't know quite what to do with the welts. No good telling him not to scratch, that only works, and sometimes at best, with the boys! Not one single flee or bitey creature on him, just mosquito bites on his belly where the fur is thin. Go figure.....didn't know dogs could get bitten by mosquitoes, but then again: he sleeps on his back. Even I have been eaten alive by the mosquitoes here, which aren't quite as big as they are in FL, but still, big enough to fly fish with!

Now that all the insiders were able to have their issues out in relation to writing the second book, peace is finally on board.'s (like I said) disconcerting to realize that they don't think like I do. Now, if everyone thought as I did, then we would have no problems in world whatsoever. (I can't take credit for that statement, someone told me it many years ago. Made me crack up to think how single minded the statement was.) But, the reality is that they don't think as I do, and cooperation was highly under-appreciated on my part. Okay.....moving on and learning.

I discovered that by having everyone's opinion listened to and actually "heard", a different understanding was achieved. I also see where quite a few very important facets of my experiences were being ignored in my single-mindedness, and have since been remedied. What a difference it makes when everyone is on the same page! (No pun intended!)

So, after reviewing the material already written, and allowing all the insiders to take the time to read and reflect, many changes were made. I must admit: I'm happier with the direction this book is taking now. It makes much more sense, and is accurately reflecting our thoughts and experiences. To be honest, I was surprised to see how much was added to it, and yet how organized and clear the communication became.

Aramis is ultr-clingy of late, due to a number of reasons.....but apparently he still has auditory hallucinations and a few delusions. They are much more easily addressed now than before, but exist none the less. His recent belief? That I will disappear.......just poof! and be taken away by "them". Hmmmm, not to my knowledge.....'taint happening. But, by his belief structure, if he maintains constant tabs on my location, he just might be able to prevent that dreaded event from happening.

I attempted to take his mind off the subject, and incorporate a bit of home schooling into today by explaining why this day is so significant, and why Dad is home from work on a Monday. His response surprised his clarity is improving daily. He listened, but didn't appear to be truly hearing what I was explaining, until he said: "All those people stood up, against opposition, and because of that: I am here. If they didn't, if one person, just one did not, I would not be here. That's all it takes. And you can't go back in time and fix any mistakes."

Okay....well, first, I didn't realize he understood what "opposition" meant, but apparently he does. Time machine? Well, that's a recent belief structure thanks to viewing a Dr. Who episode. (Which isn't great for schizophrenia by the way!) But he does have a strong grasp of his native American roots, as well as the Irish heritage that my side contributes, so I was more than a little pleased that he is retaining information. THAT is a huge improvement in itself!

So, although I may be a pacifist, it does appear that Aramis is able to think much more about subjects outside of the auditory and visual hallucinations, and form his own opinions. Dante has decided (right now) that he desires to go into politics. Oh boy.........he's out of my league on that one! Aramis expressed clearly that he wants to "carry a backpack and travel all over the world......can [he] do that?" You sure can darling....just make sure to take your medication and call home occasionally. I want to know where you are.......he agreed, and also wanted to know if I would travel with him? Well, in case you haven't noticed, we're sort of doing that right now with Dad's job 

I was able to get a hold of the main company the produces the medication that Aramis' takes....and after several hours, found out that they will provide his medication (right now at $360 per month, soon to be doubled!) for free for the first year. They also asked, since his condition is rare for his age group, if we would be willing to occasionally answer phone calls and give them feedback on the dosages and side effects? I think that's great, and have no problem with doing so. The more information that can be shared back and forth, then hopefully the less "danger" will be presented over the extended period of time that he will require using the medication.

Well, I'm off to give the poor wee dog a bath that might help his skeeter bites, and cool him down at the same time. We've just been told that the pool IS open, so off we go!!!!

Have a lovely day everyone......


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    I am the mother of two boys, one who has recently been diagnosed with Early Onset Childhood Schizophrenia (Schizoaffective Disorder). 

    It appears the Dowen family gene sequencing contributes much more than the darling dimples both boys have inherited!  But, as always, with love, tender care and support....we will thrive! 


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