Aramis is doing much better, but, and this is a huge "but", he also has to now have his medication increased quickly from 50mg to 150mg. Quickly, as in within 7 we'll see if he maintains the clarity and the psychosis remains at bay. One eye hurts, I think that's from the Saphris, as I had eye-ball-popping headaches from it, and usually on one side. Otherwise, he's a relatively happy camper, with the realization kicking in that he can no longer satisfy his sweet tooth nightly. 

I pondered and pondered how to present the risk factors regarding obesity and diabetes to him, without establishing a foundation for "fat issues". Especially as I struggle daily with anorexia, I am very concerned that the subject be discussed in a healthy manner without feeding into any of the stereotypes that are presented to us daily via the media. 

Then it occurred to me: simply tell him how the medication will react with his body, at a level he can comprehend. So, I told him that the medication fights the schizophrenia, but it also fights sugar....and when it fights with the sugar it causes damage to the body. So we have to make sure we don't give the medication any sugar to fight with. Only one morning cup of cocoa, as that is okay, but nothing it? This medicine will bounce around and fight the sugar so much, that his body on the inside will get hurt. He got it......and I'm more than a teeny bit impressed that I found a way to address Mr. Sweeties. I swear, sometimes the ol' brain works! 

I'm up to Chapter 9 in my second book, this time focusing on the Kingdom Hall and what is was like to be raised in it. Slow going, the general story line is difficult, but's all the research that I feel should be added so that it also contains an informational foundation. My outline is around 30 chapters, although a few ended up blended together as it made much more sense when the writing began to pour forth. Still, I'm going to have to attach a glossary, as there are so many words that are used only within the organization itself. This publication is not meant to be a dissection of scriptural doctrines as so many others are...but an insiders view of what it's like to be a child, and to grow up within this sort of structure. A very isolated organization indeed. 

I sold a second copy of my first book yesterday! Wooohooo! And have three request for submissions of the publication for review, so keep the fingers crossed on those. I did find out from someone that the link on my website wasn't the correct one to use, so she kindly sent the link that she used to purchase the book from I was able to fix the error within minutes, and am so appreciative of kind souls who take the time to let you know about those little things. I could access the original link, of course I could, the computer recognized ME, but required anyone else to "sign up". Who wants to sign up for another website? Now the link works, takes you directly to, and to the specific page with "Letters From the Inside Out" on it for ordering. 

On a different subject, the apartment complex we live in had a pizza party scheduled last night, that Aramis was completely looking forward to. Well, it was canceled, and we only found out as we approached the door to the club room......ahhh, poor darling. He held it together until we returned to our home, and then the flood banks let loose. I held him quietly until he was settled again......but in reality: a much better reaction than we usually would have seen. Both boys were bummed, but we got through the emotional part of it. Aramis just had himself so prepared with going out and dealing with strangers, that the abrupt cancellation was a little too much to handle. He looks like his cheery self this morning though, so maybe, just maybe this medication will be "the one" after all. Geesh, it feels like dating......."will this med be 'the one'?"

Both boys went through their homework nicely yesterday......Aramis cried and pouted for only 30 minutes this time, instead of the usual ENTIRE school session. It's not that hard people! But, as is typical, it's not until afterwards that they both say: "Gee, that was easy!!!" Uh huh, it's supposed to be easy....a lot of work goes into making it as easy as possible. 

Dante STILL wants to know why we can't "chop the brain into quadrants", and simply replace the section with another donor part, or a robotic one to compensate for mental illness? Hmmmmmm.......uh, that's not in our lesson plan. No, really I told him it's for his generation to figure out how to accomplish, as my generation is just now figuring out what portions of the brain do what, and even that they haven't gotten very far in understanding. Still: he makes me wonder sometimes just where he gets these ideas. 

But then again, this is the same child who thinks I should run for President.....he believes the world would be a better place, and there would be no war. Really? 

Husband was just told that the next job may be an aquarium in Baltimore......okay? By this point in the job cycle, I hear state names almost weekly. You really don't know until the last minute, and then you have two weeks or two days to prepare for "the move". It doesn't matter, I can pack in two days, and unpack in one, so I'm accustomed to it by now. For husband, he likes a bit more information, so its frustrating to say the least. He's the kind of person who likes to have access to the blueprints even before we he has to adjust more than he likes. 

But the current exhibit is moving along nicely, and minus any more tornadoes (how do you pluralize "tornado"?), everything should move along according to plan. Looks like moving should occur around June, don't know WHERE, but that's not really a big deal now is it? 

Well, have a grand day everyone.......looks like a muggy one here in TX. 

Glad to hear that Seattle is letting you get a little sunshine! I remember how the sun simply pops out one day, after months of gray in that area.....enjoy it Marcus!! 

And Anna: you're a darling, don't let anyone tell you different!


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