Yeup, Thursday. We (the boys and all of us insiders) called a "day off" yesterday.....literally sat in our jammies and watched hours of iCarly and some other pre-teen show with loads of cuddling and quiet. 

Saphris must have made me REALLY hyper, because now I'm back to the old "I need a nap or I'm going to fall over" reality of Klonopin. So, I figured out if I take my nap in the early morning, I don't miss anything, the boys are waking up anyway, and playing PS3 until school starts, so all's good with everyone. Granted, my "day" doesn't end until midnight, so a nap is rather reasonable as I wake at 6:30 with husband. Still.....naps are glorious, yet I wish the clocked stopped while I am asleep. 

Dante is delighted he will be returning to public school. Aramis is delighted he will NOT be returning to public school. I'm delighted that I'll have more one on one time with Aramis to get him caught up with all the information he lost during his psychosis period. We'll use the summer to make sure Dante is all ready for wherever we end up in September. The job has been extended until it'll be a move and a new school at the same time. He's a tough cookie, he can do it. Besides, he has a warm home to come back to for all the support he needs. 

I just found a group on FB for DID......a great resource, as long as you can live without the trigger warnings, AND can feel comfortable with the whole world seeing you. Woah, those are two huge barriers for many people, but it is there if anyone is okay with those two areas. 

Also found out that Dr.Phil will be doing a segment on DID in the future.....he's looking for information and people right now. Again: two big barriers for most, the non-trigger safety and the publicity of coming out so to speak. Still, glad that the subject is being addressed. 

I finally finished Prt I of the Roman Empire......geesh, it felt like I was lost in the series that HBO put out called "Rome" for hours on end. Now to put a glossary together, and all the other goodies, and we can dive into that. It's amazing how Aramis is starting to recover information he learned, and "lost". He said the other day "Oh, that's where Alexander the Great went and did.....". Yeah! Two weeks ago he had no clue who Alexander the Great was, and Macedonia? Is that a form of Mac and Cheese where I put something that doesn't "belong" in the mix? He doesn't like it......uh, no honey, but we'll get back to that. 

Once I get the extra items put together for Rome Prt I, then I can get back to writing the second book. Right now, it's rolling around in my mind like an old ping pong ball. Sometimes just the thought brings on a migraine, so a break was in order. Still, I find myself thinking of things I missed in my outline, or areas where the rough draft can be rounded out. I actually enjoy this part of the process, and although the publisher might be eager for the book to be completed, I'm in no rush right now. It took the first book years to put together, so this one has time to fully develop as well. 

I keep telling husband that it's like an oil painting, it's all in the layers......layer after layer, and you have a work of art hopefully. Words are that can spill them out, but eventually they need to be smoothed together and particular sections highlighted more boldly than others. 

Aramis had an unusual meltdown last night, found him in the corner crying over some unseen fear....oh dear, what does this mean? We got his little stuffed animal and the "big blanket", and medicated a little earlier than we usually do, and within a few hours he was "okay". Just okay, as he was still frightened of going to sleep, but we got through, and he slept the entire night. Looks likes a smiling day with him today though......

Well, that wraps up my corner of the world. Windy and slightly cold....but I'm always cold. I'll be glad when the heat hits, husband says it already has. Really? Then why am I still wearing my hoodie? Oh, yeah, that's just me......I swear, I'm retiring to the South. 

May everyone have a peaceful day....wishing you each joyful thoughts. 


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