I'm all thrown off......

Husband's BDay was yesterday, so a big Happy BDay to husband.

AND it flooded in TX starting Wednesday night, AFTER they had installed the waterproofing cement, which isn't supposed to get wet. Oooops, thousands of dollars at risk. He left for work Friday, and came back an hour later.....the work was protected, no trucks or equipment could move through the flooded site though, and work was called off. They'll be digging out silt and concrete for the next two days.

So, he had an "at home" BDay, which was nice for him. For me? Well, the boys played video games all day, and Dad enjoyed watching them. He ran an errand that I did not want to do (OOOoooh! I get a freeby!) and I had some fantastic steaks tucked away for the night. It ended up being a nice day.

Although I can't stand listening to video games. They don't even notice if I'm around I think, unless I'm walking in front of the huge TV, so I worked on a PP for the boys schooling. ALL DAY......took forever, as it's the outline of world history from the origin of man through the completion of B.C. Dang......over 50 slides of information. I had fun learning though, most I knew, and some I added (as the children's resource home school sites tend to be kinda baby-like) from my college classes or trips to Museums. My girlfriend and I had a good laugh, that after they finish this, they won't have to study any history until college. I felt like I was back in Dr. Chisholm's class.......agriculture vs hunter gatherers, migration movement patterns of people, land bridges, culture variances, etc. I just don't want the boys to think the US, and what they know of history through movies is all there is. Once you open your mind to the cultural and sociological changes throughout various communities and time, it really begins to explain so many things about humanity and life in general. (Home School site is found at http://theopenmindacademy.weebly.com)

Still, have another two days of work to do with the Summer quarter of their schooling though. A.D. , work pages, and then onto Math, geography, and language. Language is the most difficult for Aramis, really, he has some delays in that area. But little by little, we're working through the tenses and verb identification. Dante needs to improve in composition of large documents....but can handle it. I just have to organize an approach so he can "see" the entire picture, or sequence of thought behind writing a document. Believe it or not, he's already written a book, but it was more involved with the illustrations and descriptions than a typically formatted document. He's ready, and wants to start his second book.....his first was a hoot, as he had it "reviewed" by everyone. So many notes from people, it was very encouraging for him.

I've had terrible nightmares lately....just horrid stuff. Not all of it could be considered flashback related.....instead, it's just a lot of mixed up garbage. There has been some fighting within another DID group I participate in, I skipped it as I usually do......and I haven't seen any movies lately. Still, just filled with either things from the day, where I end up talking in my sleep,...or different parts of me do....and then as the night progresses, horrid nightmares. I usually end up just getting up, but that, in turn, leaves me tired in the early morning. Now: how can I sleep in the morning and NOT have nightmares, eh? Go figure......

My husband and I had a long conversation about Maslow, Adler, Jung and Freud, which of course, led to Anna Freud (who I have loads of thoughts on) and it was actually very interesting. These are not "his subjects", as he is more mathematically inclined, but still, he's not bored by the thoughts, nor uninterested. I wanted to write about some of the questions and ideas I had as a result....but alas, the PP took much longer than anticipated. His eyes were huge when I told him about "Emily's nose"......well, mine were huge too when I stumbled across that little tidbit of Freudian history.

I did have a lovely chat with a neighbor lady about Kierkegaard (sp?), and his philosophy........it was delightful, as she had asked many of the same questions I did, and had some very interesting conclusions. I laughed so much, as our ideas flew back and forth so quickly. She has the same bit of humor and yet passion that I do for these subjects.....it was quiet enjoyable. We plan on meeting up again....perhaps for a walk around the nearby Lake.

The mosquitoes are eating everyone alive though.....even the poor dog. I suspect he might have "hot spots" too.....so I need to research about these. Anyone know an effective treatment that he won't lick off? Poor little guy is just miserable.

We still haven't heard definitively if it's Louisiana or New York next. But the co-worker who was going to change companies is now changing his mind. He says it would be nice to continue working with husband, they make a great team, and the Louisiana job is fascinating. The largest scale exhibit since 1979! They estimate a year, but it will be longer....as this exhibit takes the visitor through the Mayan culture, the Amazon, and into something (I can't remember).

Hey, my blog averages, somewhere around 40-70 visitors a day......and then it jumped to 140 in one day. Good lawd.....shocked me. To answer (name deleted for privacy) question/comment: I write a lot more on by blog than I do at some DID forums. Some subjects are just too sensitive, and would require extensive trigger warnings.

.....but for now, I need another cuppa, and to stop scratching these dang skeeter bites (I know better, the littles don't), and the girls want everyone to know that the frogs are out, and we walk at night to listen to their chirps. We saw one large frog and a wee baby one last night. Texas has completely different sounds than Washington....oh, and they found the Cardinals nest. It's a beauty......but they don't want to write. Okay.......it's their choice.

Have a good day everyone....I need more coffee.....I didn't get much sleep last night. Worked until 1am on the PP, then walked for an hour listening to the sounds. Ended up in bed about 2:30, and of course: slept terribly.......maybe tonight will be better.


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