I love Fridays......must be something ingrained after years of working the old Monday through Friday routine....I still wake up excited that it's FRIDAY!!!!

Aramis is up to 100mg of Seroquel now, and looks like a child who didn't sleep a wink...it makes him that tired. Well, let's just hope he adjust's over time, as he still has another 50mg to go with the daily increases. He can "see" now he says, which means that the spots and monsters aren't blocking his view anymore, and he is actually giggling and playing a lot more. 

So, definitely the paranoia that "brother or someone" is out to get him has passed......whew! That was a challenging one to handle: it is real or is it not? Especially as in his mind, the "thing" could cause pain, and he would have (again: in his mind) true wounds from these creatures. Let it not be brother that touched his arm, as then he was to blame. But, let's celebrate the fact that at least this component of schizophrenia is relieved by medication. 

I'm off of Saphris, which now has taken away the ultra-energy it provided.....but that's fine, as I will gladly trade that for the nasty side effects. It appears that so far the facial twitches are still to remain, and make for an interesting face at times.....but maintain hope that these too will fade in time. 

I'm back to having to take a nap daily, but in reality 6am to 12am is a long day anyway. It's been my schedule forever, so naps aren't such a bad thing, in fact highly recommended by the powers that be...i.e. the psychiatrist. I'm just grateful the boys can be trusted for nap time, but frankly, the alternative is that they take a nap too. What motivation to not have any problems! 

Dante simply completed his homework, and Aramis checked on me to make sure I was still present and accounted for. I know HE won't hesitate to wake me up.......

We're supposed to have rain all weekend.....now does TX plan to ruin any opportunity to dive into our delicious pool? I'm told to just wait, it'll get ridiculously hot and the pool will be ready. But for now: rain with drought warning signs all over the area. It's Texas for ya'!

Oh, someone asked for the ribbon link for facebook, let me get that. May is Mental Health Awarness month, so if you follow the uber easy directions, you can attach a green ribbon to your facebook profile picture. Let me see.....okay, here's the link: http://www.picbadges.com/mental-health-awareness/2543395

I think you may need to be logged into facebook for the link to work, so be aware of that. Still, 1:4 Americans suffer from Mental Illness, and those are simply the individuals who have come forward.

I'm doing alright.....no nightmares and only flashbacks in relation to writing. That's to be expected. But I do notice a difference without the Saphris, as I can hear the insiders more. That's normal to me, so I'm glad to have things as they "should be" in my world. Perhaps this drug will work well for others, for me: nah, not for my system. I actually woke up to someone inside singing this morning, and has been every day this week.....so really: what do I have to complain about? 

Well, today is "Art Friday", so I'm off to make the paste for paper mache animals. They haven't made these before, and I thought it would be a good exercise to help Aramis reconnect with his fine motor skills. We'll be making Orca's.....sounds messy and fun all at the same time!

Then to put together a few more chapters of Book II. 

I received my copies of "Letters From the Inside Out" yesterday.....how very exciting! Now, I have to turn around and send them to the various agencies that have requested copies......ahhh, and they just arrived! 

Have a grand day everyone....it's Friday, and the birds are chirping. I actually had to foresight to FEED the baby sparrows before writing today! They are appreciative of my awareness.....as they're quietly pecking away now. Some times it does benefit one to think ahead! 

Treat yourselves kindly......and may you find a corner of peace in the world today.

And Anna: you are special, even if no one says so. Just look deep into the mirror every day, and you'll see what we see. 

4/13/2012 12:32:36 am

Hello, Shelly
We miss you. I believe your niece mite have some of the symptoms but im not sure of all of them.We are going to purchase your book today and I will let you know then. We love and miss you,my girls are my life as your family is yours. Please take care. Thank you for writing this book, I know it will help us a lot.
Love always
Wendy and Girls


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